History: SC Association of HFH Affiliates

South Carolina Habitat for Humanity (SCAHA) State Support Organization (SSO) was officially chartered in September 2012 to support the 31 Habitat affiliates within the state of South Carolina who actively work to eliminate poverty housing and improve communities.

Though only officially incorporated in September of 2012, SCAHA had early beginnings in South Carolina, meeting  as an informal group of Habitat Executive Directors. They began meeting in 2004 and continued this informal organization until incorporating in 2012. The early group elected officers and conducted quarterly meetings to share ideas and visions. Many of the "founding fathers" of SCAHA still hold positions in their respective affiliates as well as serve on the SCAHA Board.

SCAHA's Mission and Purpose is to expand the capacity of South Carolina affiliates by increasing access to resources, facilitating communication between the affiliates and the community and providing statewide representation leading to the creation of thriving communities that support families in need.

The key activities that will carry out the mission and purpose are:

  • Advocacy - Develop and execute a statewide plan that will be aimed at federal, state and local issues impacting our mission.
  • Resource Development - Seek statewide opportunities for money, in-kind donations and collaborative agreement.
  • Communications - Facilitate communication, data gathering and sharing among all SC Affiliates.
  • Training and Technical Assistance - Coordinate statewide and regional workshops and conferences
  • Disaster Response - Develop and implement when necessary a statewide Disaster Response Plan
  • Habitat for Humanity - Serve as a liaison between HFHI and SC affiliates
  • Demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ - Create an awareness of Habitat's mission, purpose, principles and accomplishments.

To date, the 31 affiliates in 46 counties in South Carolina that we support have:

  • Built over 2,400 homes in South Carolina
  • Served and housed over 10,000 South Carolina children and adults
  • Invested over $200M in affordable housing throughout the State of South Carolina
  • Hosted thousands of volunteers who have contributed millions of volunteer hours